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Enhance Community Quarantine Due Covid-19

One of the most favored action to fight against COVID-19 is the implementation of the Enhance Community Quarantine. Everyone has different perception on how to respond with the government preventive execution to oust the Pandemic Stage Virus that hardly strike not only Philippines but worldwide.

Panic, Anxiety, Troubled, Unrest these are some emotions that rises during preventive measures to beat the outbreak. As everyone is expected strictly to follow rules eg:


  • Stay at Home ( by doing nothing you can save lives)
  • Wear Surgical/ face Mask at all times.
  • When outside, stay at least 1 meter or 1 arm-length from each other.
  • DO NOT go out , unless its necessary (like getting food, medicine or working as front liner)
  • Always wash your hands and practice good hygiene is a must.(take note: to bring Rubbing Alcohol with you at all times)
  • It’s a MUST to keep your Immune System Strong.
  • Respect and Observed Curfew. (otherwise you’ll end up in jail :))
  • Always bring your ECQ- Pass and ID.

These are some rules set by our Government to prevent the spread of the killer virus. As Covid cases arises, government takes rigidly enforced actions to make sure the safety of his people. Time-to-Time update has been made via live telecast , Social Media, News on Radio and Television. All Government sectors focused on how to sustain the needs of their people and the prevention to spread Corona Virus-19.

As this brought a negative impact in our economy so does to its loving people. As many individual lost their Job and People starts to hoard others starve and create chaos over relief goods and financial aids given by the government . Operations on Small- Medium Enterprises has stopped. Churches and Government joined forces to fight this war. This is a long battle to win.

What makes Filipino stand-out? The Strength in Character , a resilience amidst difficulty and the Act of BA-YANI-HAN. Yes! Indeed! these are some of the attitude that runs in the blood of every Filipino.

Looking at the brighter side it gives individual a chance to appreciate little things and value their family more. It’s all about life and Humanity. Lastly, Our Mother Earth in Healing.

Continue to pray and fight as we are winning this war!!!



  • Kuya

    This is most interesting as many around the world and especially those in certain countries like to be edgy and travel for no solid reason, vacation with a large group, or feel so strong that nothing’s going to get them. Many fail in this area because the media reports what will give them the best ratings and are not always as accurate as others. They feel the government is over react in ng to the situation. In the end you have some level of a Marshall type law. Restrictions and changes like fencing parks, limiting grocery store activities and trying to figure out how to get past the peak of the issue. Time will tell how we as a world learn from this and make changes so the future and the next pandemic wont be like this one

    • promitch

      Hi Kuya! Yes Exactly! Thank you for your insight!

      One factor we can contribute this crisis is to stay home and follow our gov’t preventive measures.
      I urged you to pray to end this battle.

      Stay healthy and stay secured!

      God Bless you!

    • John MacDonald

      Like many things there are some people in some countries that after a long shutdown they feel the need to get out. There are many considerations but for many just getting out and being social is meaningless without being in a group. We need to be careful and also safe within reason. The challenge is getting the masses to do the same without curfews, if cards and simular

  • Jona

    True, this pandemic is really teaching us lesson and I hope we can learn from it. We sometimes tend to forget the things that really matter and with this current situation it reminds us what are they.

    • promitch

      Hi Jona,

      Thank you and yes! This situation is really teaching us all a lesson. May it be in political aspect or even in our own self.

      Stay safe and stay secured jona!

    • promitch

      Thanks Jill!

      Stay Updated! will be posting articles soon that may help you with your daily activities.

      Have a great day! Stay booming!

  • Sheena Sabiona

    We’ll surely gonna get through this if we’re gonna help one another, observe social distancing, proper hygiene & to keep calm because for sure our brain wouldn’t function well if we are too anxious about the situation. 🙂

    • promitch

      Exactly Sheena!

      Salute to our frontliners as well who fought this pandemic selflessly.

      Stay Safe and Stay Healthy.

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